Why choose INOA?

Uncompromised Comfort

  1. No Odor
  2. Optimized Scalp Comfort
  3. Rapid Self-Emulsifying Mix
  4. Incredible Smooth, Velvety Texture

81% of professionals mentioned the lack of odor as a benefit*

Supreme Respect for the Hair

A Well preserved Hair Fiber color after color

Hair that is as smooth as before color was applied for a softer touch.

Infinite Haircolor Power

Exact and predictable color palette: true neutralizing cool shades, vibrant, and luminous warm shades

Lightens up to 3 Levels

Exceptionally even color from scalp to ends

Coverage of up to 100% gray Hair


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the INOA technology Work?

INOA works with the ODS technology (Oil Delivery System): an unprecedented oil base that increases the active potential of the haircolor system while preserving the hair¡¯s natural protective layer twice as much as traditional ammonia-based permanent haircolor*.
* Helps preserve the hair's natural protective layer after 1 and 5 applications

How is MEA (monoethanolamine) different from Ammonia?

The advantage of monoethanolamine compared to ammonia is the absence of unpleasant odor, which is a considerable advantage.

How is it possible for INOA to have no odor?

The total absence of ammonia and the use of an odor-free alkaline agent (MEA) make it possible for the INOA formula to have no odor at all. This technological achievement offers professionals and customers alike the first 3-part permanent haircolor product that is odor-free and fragrance-free, with a creamy, smooth texture.

This is a major breakthrough that will completely transform the haircolor experience in salons. Thanks to INOA, the ideal salon is now attainable by all professionals: a pleasant technical space with no strong odor, leaving room for artistic creativity and a focus on customer satisfaction.

What is different about the INOA color

The INOA color result is authentic, exact and precise to offer real neutralized cool tones and vibrant warm tones.