Product Lines

You can buy beauty products from many sources in the Ocala, FL area but many are guaranteed only when bought from a licensed professional. The staff at AFFINITY HAIR STUDIO has been expertly trained to help you select the best products for your lifestyle. Thank you for supporting us by purchasing professional products only from AFFINITY HAIR STUDIO.

Bosley Professional

Bosley Professional Strength is dedicated to re-instilling confidence in both men and women who... (read more)

L'oreal Serie Expert

Affinity Hair Studio is proud to offer L'oreal Serie Expert to our clients. We strive to provide you... (read more)


Today, Redken is a global leader in professional haircare products and services. The company is... (read more)


INOA stands for “Innovation No Ammonia” and is a breakthrough ammonia-free odorless... (read more)


Affinity Hair Studio is proud to offer BioIonic to our clients. At this time, we are offering the... (read more)


Affinity Hair Studio is proud to offer 12Benefits to our clients. As expert 12Benefits specialists,... (read more)

Sexy Hair Concepts

Led by hairstylist and business visionary Michael O'Rourke, Sexy Hair Concepts is one of the fastest... (read more)

Ultratress Hair Extensions

Affinity Hair Studio is proud to offer Ultratress Hair Extensions to our clients.

Shea Butter products

Affinity Hair Studio is proud to offer Shea Butter products to our clients. We strive to... (read more)

Special orders

If there should be a product that you simply can not live without, let us order it for you! We want... (read more)